This two-part book has a very high goal: To bring Philosophy literally to the masses. Make it easy to understand and use in everyday life. Everyone will benefit according to his/her effort. If someone wants to go the self-help route, enhance his/her self-awareness or just find a solution to a very simple situation, this book will be your best friend!!!
Self help that really works!!!

The aim of the first part of this book, is to highlight the missing elements from all "suggestions" we take in our educational system. We may listen to "Be good, nice, polite, sincere," but practice in everyday life fails and we KNOW that because every now and then, negative thoughts come and visit us. If a "suggestion" is not practical when the fire rages, then indeed we miss something.

Even if we get direct advice for the situation we face, it all remains to "following advices." While this is not bad, an advice never gets to the cause. We may read nice inspiring books, go to seminars, follow guides but all situations are virtues related. If we can't analyze any situation through virtues, negative thoughts/feelings will come again and again.

We need to know WHY this situation has occured and cure the cause, not the symptoms. And the real cause are virtues and the effect they have on understanding a situation. The symptom, is the situation itself. If we deal with the situation only, the same virtues, "us," will find another chance to bring us another difficult situation. And because the next situation (symptom) is most of the times different than the previous, we will not be able to discern the common root. Why repeat the same mistakes?

By unveiling the real cause behind each incident, you will achieve the (previously) unthinkable: You will become the Guide of your life!!! From now on, no situation will remain in the shadows...

When the highlight is complete and we realise that we miss many things to communicate correctly, the next step is to acquire a tool to practice well the missing elements.

Though many tools are given allready in the first part and one may think that nothing more is needed, this is not true. Because every tool must be placed and used correctly. Like the tools in a garage. Furthermore, to extract the very best from these tools, we should also analyze them as careful as possible. Even a teenager should be able to practice with success. This is the goal of the second part. To deconstruct every meaning involved in this procedure so you can study and practice Philosophy as soon as you finish reading!!!

With both parts read we will be able:

A) To analyse our thoughts to understand what they mean for us.
B) To analyse accordingly our actions (because any action requires a thought first).
C) To analyse other people and social relationships.
D) To analyse situations. For example what it means (for us) to go to a basketball game or in a birthday party. What is the real reason i do it?
E) By knowing all aforementioned thoughts/actions and their consequences, we are now (for the first time) able to choose our destination in life. Where we really want to go.
F) After choosing our direction, we are able to start improving ourselves and as a consequence,
G) We will start to have control over ourselves. Situations that previously troubled us a lot, will not be able to affect us any more.

All in all, we will be able to know:

WHY i bought this book and what it means for me,
WHY i choose this genre of books and not another,
WHY i am with this boyfriend/girlfriend and what this means for me,
WHY i studied this field and
WHAT i try to express through my job,
HOW to recognise and send away negative thinking,
HOW to recognise and improve my social relationships,
HOW to achieve something which i previously thought as impossible.

"It seems that there is something inside us, trying to "like" in any opportunity that lies ahead. Perhaps this "it," tries to express itself in a way we can't actually comprehend. We can't interpret the urge it gives and we move in the direction we think is the best. Is it?"

- The Citizen

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