The Citizen

Who is the Citizen ?

He IS "him." He IS "her." He IS everyone. When you fight. When you ARE the lion. When you avoid fight, when you avoid Love, when you avoid to offer, everyone becomes the small white sheep of our story.

The Citizen is "the guy next door." Not a superhero. Not someone from outer space. Instead of looking for Guides, become the Guide of your life!!! Opportunities are EVERYWHERE. Literally in front of us.

But with a catch. We see them ONLY when we are ready to embrace them. If we don't, we have to keep searching.

Our Philosophy

"A Philosopher is not a guy who scratches his head under a tree all day long.

If you go to the metro station and ask one thousand people, Ohhh excuse me sir, do you know a saying, "I know one thing, I know nothing?"

You will probably get one thousand "Yes," because everyone has heard it. But if you ask them, "Well, since you know it, could you please tell me how to apply it to make pasta Bolognese? Or how to tie shoelaces?"

That's Philosophy Cathrine!!!"

- The Citizen